The Nederlands leading in automated freight transport 

By Connected & Automated Transport (CAT) cargo can be delivered faster, cheaper and more sustainable. The technology alreaedy existed, but testing and implementing is still in its infancy. But that can change by applying the newest technologies and infrastructure. 

To make automated freight transport possible on the Dutch highways, the Automotive Center of Expertise ACE is launchiing together with transport companies, technology companies, governments and knowledge institutes a plan to make this possible in the next 10 years. Depending on the demand of participating companies, it can be scaled-up to other and larger corridors in the Netherlands or the neighbour countries. The ambition is that participating transport companies drive automated with 20% of the daily freight transport in the fieldlab and that this way also other important freight routes will be ready for automated transport.


On the public road

The tests and implementations will lead to innovative projects and services that stimulate the Dutch economy. The legislation, the set-up of the business case and services around automated freight transport will be part of the project. The approach begins with a test facility for carrying out the tests in a closed environment with as the ultimate goal automated transport in a so-called fieldlab on a public road. The location for testing is already available at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, in the center of the Brainport region. Also other routes in the Netherlands that already have an innovative infrastructure and technology can join in this project.

Knowledge and products

Because of IMIAT the Neterlands will in ten years be the leader in Europe on autonomous freight transport. It gives the businesses the posibility to sell their knowledge and products all over the world. Transport companies will be able to perform the freight transport more efficient. IMIAT will realize with some transport companies daily transports with several vehicles or trucks. IMIAT offers vehicle production companies the possibility to experience with level 8 or 9 vehicles on autonomous transport. 


With the project we aim at a budget of 300 million euros. The aim is that also companies and governments will invest in this project. Therefore we will apply this project to Dutch and European funds. For several parts of the projects also regional and local funds will be involved. 

Work groups 

Companies and governments can participate in preparing the project. In the third week of January 2021 work groups wil start to futher describe the project. Are you interested to participate? Then contact project leader Jeroen van der Werf: 

De factsheet (in Dutch) gives a overall view on IMIAT. The  brochure (in Dutch) gives a more detailed view on the project and the work groups.