Smart use of data

Monitoring is the start of a lot of practice-oriented automotive research. Future mobility is all about, electrified, automated and connected driving. Innovative vehicles need to be monitored on the road to collect and analyse realistic data about the design and operation and in order to make improvements.

Mobility solutions and smart manufacturing also require monitoring

Furthermore, new business models like Mobility as a Service and Industry 4.0 also need more and more reliable data from practice. Trough smart sensors, connectivity and IoT, monitoring based modelling will be integrated in future product development, maintenance and service.

Joint research on monitoring

ACE performs joint research in the field of monitoring together with industrial partners and the Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences that offer automotive engineering courses. These universities are already monitoring vehicles when it comes to state, use, operation and conditions. During the next years ACE will setup one IoT based validated monitoring concept, an open toolbox and 2 to 3 additional monitoring projects with ACE partners.


Renewable energy, smart logistics and predictive maintenance. Incl. connected monitoring and modelling.

Research issues

Data integrity, (big) data harvesting, - cleansing, - fusion, - analysis, smart sensing, monitoring based modelling, connectivity IoT (5G), Art. intelligence