Monitoring project with RET

ACE took part in a monitoring project of the e-Busz, that was converted by e-Traction from diesel-Hybride to battery electric. ACE continued and extended the monitoring activities in a project with the RET in Rotterdam. The project consisted of monitoring, analyzing and reporting of about 50 electrified city busses. The monitoring was carried out on several types of busses from different manufacturers and/or with different types of drive-systems, a/o the VDL Citea Electric, the e-Busz and the Van Hool Hydrogen fuel cell electric bus.

ACE collected different data from the busses, such as: 

  • The kilometers driven on the different lines 
  • Grid to wheel energy use depending on driving and climate conditions
  • Battery behavior and health over the seasons and in time.

The next step was to verify the data coming from the busses themselves. In particular, the data that was important for the success of the research. One of the questions was whether the source data matched the real data. This could be researched by monitoring busses onboard, which could be compared to the on-line ViriCiti data. Once the data collection was done, the execution of the analyses took place. The RET asked total comparison analyses of the busses on energy consumption/efficiency, battery status, charging, and electricity costs.  

Involved parties, besides ACE and RET were ViriCiti that provided the onboard tools that were needed to get the data and VDL, e-Traction and Van Hool who provided technical configuration information of the busses. 

Stefan Kraaijvanger
Project manager

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