Smart Mobility

Innovative mobility solutions

Because of technological innovations and social trends automotive, or mobility, will continuously become service-oriented instead of business-oriented. The automotive sector will only have a future when it sustainable and affordable. This calls for a total system approach in which technology innovations, sharing society, circular economy and ecologic demands are integrated in the so-called ‘Mobility as a Service’ business (MaaS).

Better definition for MaaS in automotive

Next to market demand, policy-making will have a large impact on Mobility as a Service in the automotive industry. When it comes to automotive, MaaS is not well-defined yet. Dutch automotive companies represent different parts of the automotive value chain. The new technology and social driven business models will affect them in a different but still integrated way.

Joint MaaS research

Joint ACE research in the field of MaaS, will explore different mobility models and technical, logistic and economic chances. This research will help understand business innovation dynamics in terms of technological, business and policy. The final goal is to build ‘common knowhow’ for profitable future business, based on positive TCO’s and making full use of renewable energy. ACE’s practice-oriented research agenda starts with the projects Harbouring Hydrogen and Global Commercial Vehicle drive to zero.

IMIAT (Innovation hub Mobility on Implementation Automated Transport)

Nowadays, great challenges in further development of automated driving, in technology and in legislation and governance are being faced. Therefore Automotive Center of Expertise (ACE) took the opportunity to explore an initiative to boost automated driving by the IMIAT (Innovation hub Mobility on Implementation Automated Transport) project.

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The government takes the initiative to stimulate the practice-oriented research at the hbo’s. A subsidy has made this possible. With this so-called SPRONG subsidy (Stimuleren van Praktijkgerichte Onderzoeksgroepen) the hbo academies can start up research activities with industry. This is the perfect moment for the automotive and logistics programs of Fontys Hogescholen and the Hogeschool Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN) to start up the SPRONG research group on the theme ‘virtual test environment’, the so-called ‘digital twins’. The participation of automotive companies is important and gives them the possibility to test simulations and further develop innovations. 

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Research Issues

Automotive Mobility as a Service, TCO’s, full use of renewable energy. Link with monitoring ‘ACE’ disruptions in new vehicle products or concepts, strategic research about automotive MaaS.