Six parkshuttles from Connexxion serve as a new development learning platform for students

Photo by RDM

Connexxion has made six vehicles available for the three automotive Universities of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam, Fontys Hogeschool and Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen). These vehicles previously served at the Rivium business park in Rotterdam. Passengers were able to travel with these fully automatic shuttles from the Rivium to Metrostation Kralingse Zoom and vice versa.

The vehicles will serve as a development-learning platform where research and education within the automotive Universities of Applied Sciences and the automotive sector will come together, where eventually knowledge sharing will arise. The aim of this development-learning platform is to research how the existing technology can be used in the transition to fully automatic transport in a public space. At first 3rd and 4th year students will be introduced to new technologies in this learning environment through projects. As a result, they will work with new knowledge and skills and are therefore better prepared for the step towards the automotive labor market.

The vehicles in Rotterdam will be tested on the terrain of the Rotterdam Mobility Test Center. The automotive students will mainly focus on Cargo, whereby the connection will be made with city logistics and the port. The vehicles in Arnhem will be tested at Industrial Park de Kleefse Waard and the vehicles from Fontys will be tested at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. In addition, the park shuttles can be used as a life-long learning option for companies that want to train their employees. This creates cooperation on various aspects, which will ultimately be brought together between the Universities of Applied Sciences and the automotive sector and will merge with specific knowledge sharing.

ACE will act in a pivot function in this cooperation between the three automotive Universities of Applied Sciences and the automotive sector. This was the main reason for Connexxion to make the vehicles available.

Do you want more information or are you looking for cooperation within this area? Please contact Constant Staal, director Logistics & Mobility, Hogeschool Rotterdam, RDM Centre of Expertise or 06-54 67 46 21