Developing together

In the project The Automotive Learning Community (TALCOM), automotive companies, organizations and various educational institutions are jointly creating a learning environment and culture where employers in the automotive industry and MBO, HBO and VWO programs will work together intensively and learn from each other.

Who we are

Who we are

The automotive industry and educational institutions are jointly developing teaching and training materials that meet the needs of workers in this industry in terms of content and learning format. Content includes, for example, product innovations such as electrification, connectivity and driver biometrics. There is also a need for learning and training materials in the area of process and supply chain innovation, for example in the areas of lean manufacturing, digitization, chain synchronization and mobility concepts. Of course, different forms of learning are important, such as job rotation, e-learning, practical learning and traineeships, through which employees learn new skills in different ways.

Click here for the ACE Academy (in Dutch). You will find all courses, workshops, master classes and webinars developed by the partners of TALCOM. 

All events of TALCOM. 


TALCOM is committed to new forms of learning, learning in practice and through learning together and from each other. There is a continuous focus on innovations in the sector. The content is therefore always up-to-date and relevant. The business community plays a central role. TALCOM is demand-driven by nature. The offer and learning forms of both education, the business community and commercial training institutes are structured in a modular way as much as possible in continuous learning lines. The main result of this project is therefore building up the community.

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