Ventura Systems

Company description and background 

Ventura Systems is a manufacturer of innovative door systems for buses, trams and metro. Ventura products are delivered worldwide to many renowned manufacturers of vehicles and rolling stock designed for use in public transport systems.

Career prospects 

Ventura Systems is a fast growing company with a constant need for people with comprehensive knowledge in the field of sales & marketing, engineering, production and service

Internship/graduation opportunities 

Ventura Systems offers a variety of internships and graduation projects in the areas of:

• Software engineering, including hazard analysis and service support

• App development to support our customers and our service engineers

• Mechanical engineering (mechanism & door development, standardization, material selection)

• Electrical testing

• Software testing

• Mechanical testing


Contact information:


Internship / Graduation: 

Mrs. R. Hoogenboom

HR department

Tel: +31 515 729 419