About ACE mobility

Mobility is changing at a rapid pace. The future of mobility requires smart and green solutions. In this the Dutch automotive industry and educational institutes have an essential role. In this dynamic playing field Automotive Center of Expertise (ACE) plays an important part. ACE is a strong network of a small group of principal companies and organisations in the Dutch automotive industry and the automotive Universities of Applied Sciences.

Using the strength of the network
Applied knowledge is what ACE is about and it is this specific kind of knowledge that helps industry remain flexible and to be able to cope with change. The upcoming years, ACE is going to use the strenght of the network to develop into a knowledge institute for the automotive industry. To realise this an optimal connection of applied education and the developments in daily professional practice are essential. Ambitions are high and the future needs of the automotive industry will define ACE’s course.

Knowledge institutes with focus areas
As a knowledge institute ACE aims at keeping the Dutch automotive industry strong, flexible and futureproof by combining the strength of the key players in the automotive sector and using synergy. The demand of industry in this is leading and the expertise of the Universities of Applied Sciences and the companies are the main pillars. ACE contributes to a strong automotive sector by focussing on:

  • Industry
  • Research

  • Education
  • Internationalisation

The Nederlands ahead in mobility solutions

The Dutch are accustomed in transforming big challenges into great opportunities. In the area of electrical transport and the necessary technologies the Netherlands play an important role. Have look at the  video which RVO (Netherlands Entreprise Agency) made about it.