Cooperating with automotive industry

In the automotive industry fascinating developments will change our society fundamentally and these will bring us new industries and businesses. These developments will determine how we will transport ourselves from a to b in the coming decades, how our future mobility will be developed. Several trends, driven by technology, will have an enormous impact on our mobility. The automotive sector is fully aware of this and integrates new technologies in the production processes of our transport.


ACE Mobility organizes workshops on innovative developments in the automotive world together with the industry, with Fontys Hogescholen and the HAN. You can also find the workshops offered through The Automotive Learning Community (TALCOM) here.

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Vlogs of Engineers

In the vlogs, ACE Mobility shows an inside look at our industrial partners. young engineers show what their function is at our partners.


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Hybrid teacher

Hybrid teaching is no longer an unknown concept. Hybrid lecturers combine their job with providing guest lectures at universities of applied sciences. As a result, education finds a closer connection with industry. ACE Mobility plays a pivotal role in this.


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Magazine Drive

For the 10th anniversary of ACE Mobility, the first edition of 'Drive' has been published, in which students and young graduates share their enthusiasm for the automotive field.


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Our partners

ACE collaborates closely with industry on developing relevant expertise and talent development. These are our partners.

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