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Find the best automotive internship or graduation assignment with the ACE Mobility Job Portal!

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Internships and Graduation Projects within the Automotive Sector

Embarking on an internship or graduation project in the automotive sector means to opt for a versatile and intriguing placement. Whether you are enrolled in an MBO, HBO, or WO program, there is always a suitable internship position for you within the Automotive field. At ACE Mobility, you will find internships and graduation projects at various companies in the Automotive industry. Are you studying Engineering, Mechatronics, or Mechanical Engineering? Our Job Portal consistently offers challenging Automotive internships or graduation projects. Please take your time to explore our listings of internships and graduation projects.

Automotive Internships and Graduation Projects

On our Job Portal, you can find internships suitable for third-year students as well as graduation projects within the Automotive industry. If you are in search of an internship to complement your part-time study program, ACE Mobility is the ideal place for you! We aggregate the most exciting internships in the Automotive field from top-tier companies. Interested in understanding how you can shape your (graduation) internship in the Automotive industry? Consider reviewing the various research projects previously conducted.

Automotive Internships and Graduation Projects for MBO, HBO, and WO Students

The Automotive industry offers internships that cater to various educational levels. Whether you are following an MBO, HBO, or WO program, our Job Portal will always have an internship that aligns with your educational background.

MBO Automotive Internship

An MBO internship in the Automotive industry tends to be more hands-on compared to HBO or WO internships. If you are an MBO student seeking a challenging internship in the Automotive sector, it would be best to contact us directly so we can discuss which internship best suits your needs.

HBO Automotive Internship

Are you pursuing an HBO program and interested in a third-year or graduation internship in the Automotive industry? There are ample opportunities for you! Our Job Portal features the most engaging internships and graduation projects at reputable companies in the Automotive field. If your studies are in areas like Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, or Electrical Engineering, browse through our internship vacancies to find a (graduation) internship that appeals to you. For example, as an HBO student in the Automotive industry, you could conduct research on carbon dioxide storage onboard ships, explore the use of new fuels, or investigate ways to lean-optimize business processes.

WO Automotive Internship

If you are seeking a WO Automotive internship to complete your university education, the ACE Mobility Job Portal is the right place for you. We have collected the best graduation internships from companies in the Automotive field, renowned for their excellent guidance of interns through their graduation projects. Our Job Portal lists Automotive graduation projects that are fully defined, but there is also the possibility to tailor your own graduation project in consultation. With a WO degree in fields such as Applied Mathematics, Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering, you will find the most challenging graduation projects. Engage in projects like electrifying the waste collection process with VDL, researching second-life applications for EV batteries, or developing fallback strategies for process disruptions. The choices are abundant!