Automotive Research

ACE Mobility combines the strengths of both Dutch and international automotive companies and automotive universities of Applied Sciences. Together we perform relevant research to keep the Dutch automotive industry future-proof and pioneering.



Together we create the future of mobility | Fontys | HAN

To clean and smart vehicles

Fontys, HAN and ACE Mobility are conducting research for the next four years with a SPRONG grant. The research group's full name is Future Autonomous Sustainable Transport (FAST). Accessibility to products, services and people, that's what mobility is all about! Mobility must not come at the expense of livability. Mobility of the future must be cleaner, quieter, more efficient, safer, affordable and inclusive for citizens, businesses and society as a whole. That means some serious challenges. 


Zero Emission Heavy Duty Mobile Equipment

The main objective of this Zero Emission Heavy Duty mobile equipment EFROproject is the development, demonstration and validation of electric-powered and hydrogen-electric-powered heavy-duty mobile vehicles.


To Zero Emission Heavy Duty Mobile Equipment
Together we create the future of mobility | Fontys | HAN
Together we create the future of mobility | Fontys | HAN

Autonomous freight transport Finished project

Towards autonomous freight transport in 2030

The IMIAT initiators were aiming to achieve this with various projects, taking 2030 as their target date. IMIAT stands for Innovation Mobility Implementation Automated Transport. IMIAT was focusing on testing and implementing the necessary technologies in test environments and in Living Labs. The driving force behind the project is the Automotive Center of Expertise ACE Mobility, which acts as a linking pin between automotive education and the automotive industry, addressing innovations and developments in which education and industry work together. In 2023 ACE Mobility decided to end the project.


To Autonomous Freight Transport

RAAK-PRO Sustainable Batteries

Fontys University of Applied Sciences is conducting a study to determine practical methods for assessing the health and remaining life of used batteries. This knowledge will provide valuable insights into the (re)usability of batteries in various sustainable applications. The reuse, second life and recycling of batteries contributes to national and European sustainability goals.

To RAAK-PRO Sustainable Batteries
Together we create the future of mobility | Fontys | HAN
Together we create the future of mobility | Fontys | HAN


The 4-year RAAK-PRO program CHANGE, which stands for Competitive Heavy-vehicles using AI to create Next Generation Efficiency)e focuses on the question below: 

What added value does (data driven) designing and making towed equipment smarter, whether or not in conjunction with the systems in the towing vehicle, offer for cleaner, more efficient and productive transport?

to RAAK-PRO Program

ACE Dashboard

The automotive sector is thriving like never before. The dashboard developed by ACE Mobility clearly shows that. There is a lot of information and data available about the industry, but there is no single overview of the complete Dutch automotive industry. This ACE Mobility Dashboard lists current facts and figures on five themes and gives you a complete overview of the Dutch automotive industry.

For more information, please contact Niels Winter and/or Stefan Kraaijvanger.

To the dashboard
Together we create the future of mobility | Fontys | HAN

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