Pre-master minor Automotive Technology

TU/e (HBO-TOP Automotive Technology)

Do you want to continue studying after your current study?

The pre-master program is intended for ambitious students who want to continue studying at TU/e after their HBO studies. This will give these students direct access to the scientific master Automotive Technology. Also this will save a year of study time and costs!

  • Exclusively for Automotive Engineering students from Fontys Hogescholen and Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen.
  • Direct access to the master's degree program Automotive Technology at TU / e. This saves a year of study time because this program replaces the regular bridging program
    Replacement of the regular KiesOpMaat minor with a free minor at TU / e
  • No additional costs, proof of tuition fees from HBO is required
  • Possibility to follow basic math in the 2nd or 3rd year

Because the pre-master can only be followed in the autumn semester, this has consequences for the semester order of Fontys students. Internship and the minor will be exchanged.

Niels Winter
Account- and Relationshipmanager

The total amount of the pre-master's program at TU/e ​​is 30 EC (excluding 3 EC for the compulsory preparatory course 'Basic Math')

Pre-master program


  • Linear Algebra, Calculus variant 2, Modeling of time-dependent systems: energy storage and transport, Systems and Signals, Advanced Calculus 1, Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems, Thermodynamics
  • Training: RSI training (mandatory), Occupational health and safety (mandatory), Matlab (strongly recommended), English (strongly recommended)

Entry requirements:

  • Registration with Niels Winter
  • Conversation ACE with SLB/SLC and student about feasibility
  • Average grade of at least 7 in the main phase of the bachelor's program for the relevant courses
  • Preparatory course Basic Math (3EC) followed and passed

The TU/e ​​subject Basic Mathematics has been passed before the start of the program (during semester 4 or 6). Basic Mathematics is conditional and a preparatory component for obtaining the pre-master's degree. It is therefore mandatory and recorded as an entry requirement. This course has 1 course per academic year in the period February-July: 2DL00 (evening)

Next pre-master start date: September 2023

Start date Basic Math: February 2024

Would you like more information about the program, the registration or the conditions of participation? Please contact Niels Winter via:

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I am always very much into looking up background information. During the pre-master you finally get answers to those kinds of questions. The courses are very extensive and certain subjects are much more in-depth.