The National Growth Fund (NGF) invests in large-scale projects that ensure long-term sustainable economic growth and contribute to necessary transitions in various social and economic domains. One of the critical success factors is the availability of sufficient qualified personnel. The human capital approach is an explicit component in the assessment of proposals by the State. A good and thorough approach is therefore essential for a successful application. To this end, ACE Mobility has its own methodology that is leading within various proposals.

In the field of Human Capital Activities, ACE Mobility is leading several Growth Fund initiatives. To this end, ACE Mobility has written its own approach which has now been incorporated into several honored proposals (Batteries and Energy Hubs) from round III, also in round IV there are again a number of programs (Sustainable Electronics, Hydrogen and CCAM) within which ACE Mobility is deploying the approach to arrive at a Human Capital agenda.

The approach

Human Capital challenges are seen by the partners involved as one of the biggest bottlenecks in implementing and further scaling up growth fund proposals. For example, it is about attracting sufficient technically skilled personnel. We are aiming for a sufficient number of qualified employees who are lifelong learners, grow and keep up with technological innovation. The goal is a "future-ready" labor market, in which employers are willing and able to move with the needs and developments in the labor market.

Thomas van Berkel
Program Manager Human Capital

+31 6 18280973

Human Capital Action Agenda

The top sectors collectively have a roadmap, within which each individual top sector in turn has contributed its own Human Capital Action Agenda. With our approach, we not only come up with a fulfillment for a specific technology area, but we use the approach in all growth fund proposals creating a deepening Automotive/ mobility Human Capital Action Agenda. This allows us to add sector-specific emphases and create the ecosystem in which we contribute to the societal challenges of today and tomorrow.

Learning Communities

We deliberately choose an ecosystem approach with public-private learning communities, as also recommended by the National Network of Learning Communities. In addition, we also set up thematic field labs in which organizations work together in so-called Challenge-Based Learning Communities. Since the 3rd round, human capital has been an explicit focus in the National Growth Fund (NGF). It is a critical component for the feasibility of proposals, but also because of the labor market needs that will arise as a result of the projects. Platform Talent forTechnology advised on the human capital sections of the proposals in the Innovation Pillar on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Growth Fund Directorate.
The Human Capital agenda for the Battery Competence Cluster, based on the ACE Mobility approach, was one of only 4 well-reviewed agendas.