ACE Mobility's Role

ACE Mobility has a leadership role at the intersection of education-labor-smart innovation. Within this, ACE Mobility aims to establish pre-competitive leading partnerships that can best contribute to bottlenecks and build the necessary ecosystem to address them. For example, ACE Mobility does this by taking responsibility for various Human Capital agendas within National Growth Fund proposals, investing in education innovation activities and pulling the Automotive Learning Community to ensure proper embedding of our spearheads in national policy.

Role of ACE Mobility

ACE Mobility is committed to a future-proof and future-ready labor market by investing in an infrastructure of sustainable partnerships where educational institutions, social parties, companies and governments work together on lifelong development as a basis for innovation. So that (the growth of) human capital goes and remains optimally related to the innovative development of the Netherlands. These developments mean that the profile of the automotive engineer also focuses more on multidisciplinarity and cooperation (quotes). These sustainable and intensive partnerships, in which Learning Communities form an important building block for the innovation ecosystem, are generally also seen as innovation accelerators

ACE Mobility does this by initiating partnerships that increase opportunities for knowledge development, knowledge sharing and joint use of facilities and investments in human capital and facilities for the benefit of the earning capacity of the Automotive and Mobility industry.

The focus is on the topics SMART SUSTAINABLE SAFE within which pre-competitive leading partnerships are set up.

ACE Mobility has a number of proprietary tools that form the backbone of these activities

  • ACE Mobility approach to setting up Human Capital agendas
  • ACE Mobility Challenge Based Learning Communit platform
  • ACE Mobility learning needs scan


"A good engineer must obviously be technically proficient and an engineer, when developing new technologies, must realize the impact they will have on our daily lives. To give substance to this, the engineer must work intensively together, even with specialists without technical competencies." President and CEO Willem van der Leegte, VDL Groep

"At a time when research and innovation will have to play a leading role in solving the complex social issues, engineers are needed who are not only very good at their technical profession, but also know how to find the connection with other disciplines." Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi, CEO TNO

To this end, ACE Mobility has a number of current projects and activities that fit seamlessly with the strategy and ambition of the Human Capital program

  • Implementation of Human Capital agendas within National Growth Fund projects in order to fill tens of thousands of jobs and organize a multitude of retraining and upskilling programs
  • Implementation of the Green SkHy project to develop Human Capital in view of the European hydrogen economy.
  • Implementation of the SLIM partnership to promote a learning culture in SMEs.
  • Development of new Human Capital agendas, using the proprietary ACE methodology, on the crucial innovation themes around the sustainable earning capacity of the automotive and mobility industry.
  • The further development of TALCOM, in which the Automotive Learning Communty has taken shape. A summary of the developed demos, academies and setups has been developed and can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • The further development of the Challenge Based Learning Community platform including the project consortia of SLIM, Charging Energy Hubs and the Battery Competence Cluster NL
  • Organizing the Best Student team Award (presented at Automotive Week in 2023)
  • By implementing the Memorandum of Understanding between ACE Mobility and RAI Automotive Industry NL
  • By organizing expert sessions for knowledge sharing
  • With the ACE Mobility Career Day, annually bringing more than 1000 students into direct contact with career opportunities
  • Using the Professional Program to stimulate the further development of graduating students through training.
  • Offering the Pre-master: for seamless transition to the TU/e
  • Workshops at partners of ACE for second year students, to bring current topics directly from industry to education
  • Experience Center ACE: Awareness transition Automotive (also outside Automotive). Experience set up for pupils, students and professionalsEducational innovation and matching Automotive roadmap: connection between education and industry using the roadmap with regard to future developments.
  • Intensive cooperation with Fontys Hogescholen and the HAN to give substance to the roadmap.

Thomas van Berkel
Program Manager Human Capital

+31 6 18280973

Automotive Learning Community

The Automotive & Mobility Learning Community platform is a platform where employees and automotive educational institutions find each other.

 1. Training courses, master classes, workshops etc from companies and knowledge institutions can be found here.

 2. Challenges in research and innovation, for example in battery technology, functional safety, CCAM and hydrogen are included in the platform.