SLIM Partnership

A SLIM partnership has been written with a number of the TALCOM partners, specifically focusing on the further development of modules and the challenge-based learning community portal from TALCOM. With the further development of the Automotive Learning Community, an impulse is given to structural learning and development in a community (ecosystem) of SMEs in the Automotive industry, including knowledge institutions in this sector. This is intended to strengthen the learning culture within the (automotive) ecosystem. In the learning community, learning processes are established and professional networks form within which participants gain access to (specialized) knowledge. In addition to digital forms of learning, this includes the provision of informal learning as well as proactive learning in the workplace, linked to technological innovation. By developing and stimulating a new learning culture within the companies, the current and future innovative developments within the sector (e.g. as a result of the switch from fossil to sustainable energy sources in mobility, or the current ''Twin Transition Digitalization & Sustainability'' in the sector) are anticipated on a structural basis.

Learning needs scan 

In this light, a generic learning-needs scan for the ACE community is being developed and will be continuously refined. By screening the companies involved using the learning-needs scan, we will gain insight (at both the individual level and the ACE community level) into how functions and necessary knowledge, skills and competencies are evolving in the rapidly changing technical environment of the automotive industry. The learning-needs scan thus acts as a flywheel for the learning community. After all, learning and developing human capital in the sector is not a ''luxury,'' but pure necessity to remain relevant, given the rapid innovative developments in the automotive sector. The learning community creates an optimal environment for both companies and their employees to jointly invest in the concept of learning-innovation-working. By working together in the learning community, companies are stimulated to develop into permanent learning organizations within a dynamic ecosystem.

Learning community

The learning community should be an attractive and safe environment where formal and informal learning come together. There is an integration of learning and working with knowledge development and especially 'blended' learning. The aim of the companies in the partnership is to identify both the present and the (expected) required knowledge, skills and competencies of employees, and thus to determine the (possible) gap between ''ist'' and ''soll''. On this basis, we develop a joint approach to closing this gap. The mapped developments and the resulting (future) required knowledge and skills are translated into the collective training and learning needs of the (employees of the) companies and subsequently into a training offer that meets those needs. Cooperation between the companies and joining forces is crucial here.

Thomas van Berkel
Program Manager Human Capital

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