Strong partnership with ACE Mobility remains unchanged even in this remote world

Malouke Reiniers works as a Recruitment and HR specialist at Inalfa Roof Systems. Inalfa Roof Systems is a company in the field of various roof systems within the automotive industry. From their headquarters in Venray they operate at full speed within the Global market.

Just like most companies, Inalfa is experiencing first-hand how the pandemic has changed the current way of working within the organization over the past year. “It has become clear to everyone how important it is to take the initiative to stay connected to the organization. We have been working from home for almost a year and that requires certain communication skills from our employees, customers and partners. ” From an HR perspective, Malouke notes that this makes the connection with students extra difficult, as there are very few activities where students and the company have the opportunity to meet. "We were pleasantly surprised when we heard that the Automotive Career Day was going to happen after all." Inalfa participated in the Match & Meet sessions where they had several 1-on-1 conversations with the automotive students. “The conversations were very fun but above all very valuable. The students were very interested in our company and there are even students who contacted us afterwards because they were interested in a particular internship/graduation assignment. You notice then how essential it is to participate in such a day, very nice! "

This was already the 6th year that Inalfa continued the partnership with ACE Mobility. “It is very nice that the connection with ACE Mobility is well maintained, even in this remote world. It feels good that ACE Mobility shows an interest in how we are doing as an organization and asks if we might need something and how ACE Mobility can be of service to us." According to Malouke, this is therefore one of the many moments in which the power of a good partnership becomes very apparent.