Automotive & Engineering Day 2023 again a great success

On Wednesday, October 11, 2023 ACE Mobility together with University for Applied Sciences HAN and Fontys Hogeschool organized the ACE Mobility Automotive & Engineering Career Day. With many companies both inside and outside in the courtyard at HAN Academy Engineering & Automotive in Arnhem, there was plenty of interest of the students for about 40 automotive companies who showed what they have to offer, both with their products and/or services and with their opportunities for (upcoming) young engineers. In the theme sessions where different companies talked about their business and what challenges they'll have in the future, students could participate to get an idea of whether they would like to have an internship, do a graduation assigment or work there. The outside square was crowded all day, but what do you want with a car being exhibited against a pole (by the police academy, ofcourse), a competition to see who can change tires the fastest, a stunning Porsche and impressive trucks. Automotive students as well as students from other Engineering disciplines had a great time.

Click below for an impression.