HTSM Roadmap 2020-2030 has been published

he Dutch Automotive Industry accounts for one of the largest export volumes in the Netherlands. About 20 billion annually. In a country with a high cost-structure like ours, this can only be achieved by delivering world- class technology. World-class technology is based on world-class knowledge. And that is what we are working on, every day. The Automotive Industry is one of the cornerstones of the High Tech Systems and Materials sector. A car or a truck is a remarkable High Tech System. Easily equipped with over 30 micro-processors, a high-tech Internal Combustion Engine with sophisticated after-treatment system, Fuel-cell , Battery-pack. You name it. It delivers you or your cargo in a sustainable, fast, safe, reliable, cost effective way to where ever you need. Read the HTSM Automotive Roadmap