InMotion wins KIVI Best Student Team Award 2023

On Sunday, April 16, student team InMotion won the Royal Institute of Engineers' Best Student Team Award. The award ceremony took place during the Talent Fair, the kickoff event of Automotive Week 2023, at Automotive Campus in Helmond.

Smart solutions for societal challenges

The 5 finalists (Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing Delft, Green Team Twente, InMotion, Solar Team Eindhoven and Team Polar) showed that they add knowledge and expertise to automotive research and industry. The nominated student teams presented themselves before a jury that eventually crowned team InMotion the winner.

The technology contributes to fast charging, which is an important step in accelerating development towards greater acceptance of electric charging. That ultimately earned team InMotion the award.

"We are really proud to be awarded the KIVI Best Student Team Award 2023 and to charge ahead together. We would like to support all other student teams in their innovations. This summer we will deliver our Next Generation Battery Pack, which will allow us to reduce our 12-minute charge time to just a few minutes. This will bring us closer towards Electric Refueling: charging an electric car as fast as refuelling a petrol power car”, said Julia Niemeijer, team manager of InMotion

The Award consists of a freely spendable sum of money, respectively 3000 and 1000 euros for the winner InMotion and other teams. In addition, the winner, along with the Automotive Innovation Award 2023 winner, will receive speaking time at the RAI Automotive Industry NL conference in the fall.

Today, team InMotion also received congratulations from Minister Harbers and were once again allowed to tell about their wonderful technological developments. Tonight they will attend the Automotive Week 2023 VIP dinner at the Castle of Helmond as guest of honor.

After the award ceremony, jury member Saskia Lavoo of ACE Mobility summed it up nicely, "It is special to see how these mostly technical engineering teams come up with smart innovative solutions to our societal problems."

Martijn Stamm, jury chairman, added: " All the teams here are doing some wonderful work, make sure we hear a lot more from you in the future."

KIVI VT Best Student Team Award 2023

The Vehicle Engineering Department of The Royal Institute of Engineers created this Best Student Team Award to make the knowledge and innovation within student teams visible. In addition to generating attention, the Award provides teams with freely spendable money. A jury of representatives from automotive industry, education and research passed judgment. This year's jury consisted of:

Albie van Buel (Director RAI Automotive Industry NL), Saskia Lavoo (Director ACE Mobility) and Martijn Stamm (Market Director Traffic & Transport TNO).

Minister Mark Harbers and Major of Helmond Elly Blanksma, in conversation with the students of team InMotion.