Much appreciation from companies for Online Automotive Career Day 2020

Much appreciation from companies for Online Automotive Career Day 2020

Due to the COVID-19 measures, ACE was forced to completely digitalize the Automotive Career Day 2020 this year. But how does that work, if you normally organize a physical business market with more than 40 companies, which is visited by 1200 automotive students of the three Universities of Applied Sciences?

ACE made use of an event platform that gave the automotive students the opportunity to choose out of 20 company presentations to join through a live stream. In addition, the students could ask their burning questions to the companies via a Whatsapp application. The livestream was attended by around 900 automotive students, each company presentation was followed by around 200 visitors. An enormous number of which we as ACE are extremely proud of!

Also personal contact between students and companies was a huge succes; The Match & Meet sessions were planned in the afternoon. During these 1-on-1 sessions, students and companies had the opportunity to get to know each other better, for example in preparation for an internship or graduation assignment. Many companies have a need and space again for interns and graduates because companies do recognize that technological innovations are a vital importance for their survival. Students and graduates from the automotive Universities of Applied Sciences are more than welcome.

Automotive professionals

Automotive professionals of the Universities of Applied Sciences are able to understand and interpret the complex challenges in the field of transport concepts, sustainability and technology, and to create solutions in teams with other professionals. The automotive industry welcomes graduated HBO automotive engineers who further develop the automotive field with open arms, as evidenced by the many companies that took part in the online presentations and Match & Meet sessions this year. This often results in a good match.

Click on the video below to get an impression of the ACE Automotive Career Day 2020.

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