Nova getting started with an assignment at EDAG

Nova Vissers is 26 years old and is following the Automotive course at Fontys Eindhoven. She taught for 1.5 years after completing a minor in vocational education. Nova still enjoys explaining to others, for example also in a business environment. That is a part of her ambition. Nova: “Teaching seems like a lot of fun, but I also like management. I actually miss the collaboration aspect in the course at Fontys Eindhoven. There were some projects where you had to work together, and I always really liked that.”

Gaining work experience

Nova: “I am currently in my last year of my education. I followed a 'special' trajectory. I was a little behind. I've tried to catch up on that in the last period, because I've been away for a year, or even almost two years. I also look at it positively afterwards, because this ultimately ensured that I was able to do an assignment from EDAG at DAF. In November 2020 I rolled into that assignment. I ended up there as a supporter, a management-like support for the engineers. DAF has programs in which you can use a problem. The problem is then monitored via that program. Then it is the case that the engineer is busy, so that the reporting of that problem in that tool is sometimes not complete. My job was to check with the engineer in question what exactly was the status of that problem. I then had to fill in those details and also always check whether I could offer further support to that person. I worked on that until the end of January. This assignment at DAF went so well that EDAG also offered me a graduation assignment, in which they took my interests into account in the assignment, and I am very happy with that.”

Life cycle analysis

“EDAG is currently developing a product that could be groundbreaking. My graduation assignment consists of doing a lifecycle analysis of this product to be developed. EDAG has asked me to see what the market counterpart of this product is and to also make a lifecycle analysis. The intention is to develop a handy tool so that they can easily use it to compare the two.
EDAG is a very nice company, the colleagues are very helpful. I have also noticed that if there is something, for example if a project doesn't really appeal to you, you are listened to. I really see a future in that!”