Automotive Future

Trend Analyses & Strategy Development

Started with the KPMG assignment will be continuously updated and further explored by selected master student research theses. The assignments will be given together with significant ACE partner involvement.

Click here to read more about the results of the first graduation assignment based on the report of KPMG.

The HTSM Automotive Roadmap 2020-2030 has recently been published, which maps out the opportunities for the Dutch automotive industry.

MAAS Design

In continuation of the first Delphi research about possible technical design changes needed for vehicles than are suitable for Mobility as a Service, also the business opportunities and risks of Automotive MAAS as a system design will be investigated.


Proposal has been submitted in 2020. This European Logistics & Freight  Analysis of Network Transportation project proposal has been set up with three international knowledge institutes. In which ACE, next to the management, has a crucial research roll in the automotive content. The project assignment has not been approved, but it offers new possibilities for new projects. 
For more information you can reach out to Stefan Kraaijvanger (


Automotive strategy, Automotive Industry, MAAS, Automotive Design 

Research issues

Analyses automotive sector, automotive projects, international automotive projects. 



Automotive Strategie, Automotive Industrie, MAAS, Automotive Design.


Analyse automotive sector, nationale automotive onderzoeken, internationale automotive projecten. 

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