Interview with Joshua Bruhn

Joshua Bruhn studied Automotive Engineering at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. Joshua successfully completed his internship. In the interview below, we asked Joshua about his experience graduating from ACE.

Can tell us more about yourself?
Hi my name is Joshua. I come from a family, consumed by wanderlust. Since I was a young boy my parents moved from one place to the next, an international mind setting is the obvious consequence of this upcoming. During my study choice I wanted something that could facilitate travels, a study that was not limited by borders. Therefore, I choose Automotive Engineering at the university of applied science of Nijmegen and Arnhem. During my first year I got intrigued by Lean engineering. Throughout my studies I further developed this interest, an enhanced my understanding of process improvement with international work experience.

Can you tell us more about your graduation assignment?
A major part of process improvement is not only to be the linking pin between management and production, but also to eliminate the eight wastes identified in the lean methodology.
I am devoted to data and deeds. However, I learned that the (production) companies I worked for often missed tools to collect data. I wanted to develop a tool that would allow companies to make objective statements about motion, transport, excess inventory, and overproduction at real-time (i.e. a real-time location system).

How did you experience your graduation period?
At first, I had the ambition to have a fully commercial product for my company that would combine the machine status, forklift & operator location, and production counter in one user interface. But I realized that there is a difference between a successful graduation project and a successful company. Where the one is identified by profit, the other is associated with various research methods and proper documentation. Therefore, I changed my scope during the start-up phase of the project to the transition from Industry 2.0 to 4.0: in a South African context.

How did you experience the cooperation with the ACE Partners?
During my project I wanted to re-assure the relevance in a Dutch context. ACE was the perfect steppingstone for this objective. They introduced me to several partners where I was able to altercate the requirements of the interface and obtain input for the design phase.

How did you experience your graduation assignment at ACE?
ACE opened a lot of doors for me. Upholding my value and keeping my interest and development in mind. During my project I was mainly involved with Kees. I experienced the mentorship under his wing as pleasant and mind opening. Kees was able to swiftly pick up the project and connect me with relevant stakeholders. His broad experience in start-ups and executive function was notable and proved very beneficial during the project.

What are your next plans?
My goal is to start a company in South Africa, with an operational focus on supply and consultancy for Gemba focused improvement. However, obtaining a (business) visa in South Africa, is a drawn- out process. In the meantime, I want to start with master focused on industrial engineering or lean engineering and further fine tune the interface.

We would like to thank Joshua for an enjoyable time at ACE and wish him every succes in his future! Click hier to read his summary.

Joshua Bruhn