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21 April 2022
15:30 - 16:30

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Last generation automotive radars

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) will see steep penetration into automotive segments in the coming years. This is partly due to increased affordability, but mostly due to legislation requiring autonomous emergency braking systems and pedestrian protection systems. For easy adoption and adaptation in a wide range of vehicles, small size, low cost and low power consumption are of paramount importance, due to the smaller sensor size and difficult operational conditions.

In this talk, we review the latest signaling waveforms, system implementation aspects, and IC technology options for next-generation car-radar products.
We then discuss results of a fully-integrated radar front-end in 40nm CMOS silicon technology. The radar IC covers the 76-81 GHz band for higher range resolution, and has built-in features to easily implement radar MIMO techniques.
We will conclude with latest developments addressing interference, higher angular resolution requirements and technology scaling.

Keynote speaker is Cicero S. Vaucher, fellow at NXP Semiconductors and Professor at TU Delft

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This event is an initiative of the HTSM Roadmap Electronics team, in cooperation with High Tech NL/Holland Semiconductors.

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