ACE Mobility and RAI Automotive Industry NL strengthen cooperation

ACE Mobility and RAI Automotive Industry NL signed the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding). With this, ACE Mobility and RAI Automotive Industry NL strengthen the cooperation to keep the Dutch automotive and mobility sector strong, agile and future-proof.

From the Automotive Campus in Helmond, ACE Mobility and RAI Automotive Industry NL, in close cooperation with their partners, undertake essential activities in which they proactively connect the automotive business community, education and government institutions. Whereas ACE Mobility operates at the intersection of industry and automotive education in cooperation with a select group of leading automotive companies and higher education institutions, RAI Automotive Industry NL, with more than 200 members, tackles its role as the cluster organization of the Dutch automotive industry and mobility sector. "The signing of the MoU between ACE and RAI Automotive Industry NL highlights the strengths of both organizations. By combining the deployment of skills, knowledge and expertise, we can better streamline our joint constituencies in Human Capital and technology programs and projects, among others, and operationalize them through annual plans," - Saskia Lavoo, general manager ACE Mobility.

Human Capital challenges

That Human Capital challenges are seen as one of the biggest bottlenecks in tackling major societal challenges is a fact. After all, well-trained professionals are needed to conceive, create and maintain technological solutions. This requires a solid, demand-oriented and integrated approach with an eye for training and retaining people because that is where the key lies for social and technological transitions. Both ACE Mobility and RAI Automotive Industry NL initiate and encourage industry and education by investing in lifelong development of people to ensure the combined quality and quantity. This is necessary to solve global challenges within the mobility industry. “The Automotive Industry is undergoing a significant and extensive transition to CO2 neutral and digital mobility. The specialists and entrepreneurs of the future must be found within the educational institutions in a much broader technological field than before. The cooperation between ACE (education) and RAI AINL (industry) has a crucial connecting role in this.” – Albie van Buel, Managing director RAI Automotive Industry NL.

Foundation for the future

On a national and international level, the organizations cooperate through representation at leading trade fairs, congresses and joint participation in consortia, among other things. But cooperation was also sought earlier in setting up the Automotive Learning Community, a community with a focus on the Innovation-Learning-Work connection and the National Growth Fund initiatives where RAI Automotive Industry NL initiates the mobility proposals with Brainport Development from the program office and ACE Mobility organizes the Human Capital work packages. From April 16 to 19, during Automotive Week 2023, ACE Mobility and RAI Automotive Industry NL will offer their supporters a stage where they will encourage them to engage in conversation but, above all, cooperation.

ACE Mobility and RAI Automotive Industry NL are laying a foundation for the coming years which will result in better and broader support for the partners and members.

Albie van Buel and Saskia Lavoo