ACE Mobility partners with HAN4L

We are excited to announce our partnership with the student team HAN4L! ACE Mobility will support the team in communication, networking, and exploring new opportunities for their project.

We proudly support innovative students in their pursuit of technical excellence and humanitarian aid. Together, towards a sustainable future, both on the track and beyond!

About HAN4L

HAN4L is a student team consisting of international Automotive Engineering students from the HAN University of Applied Sciences, based in Arnhem. Their annual goal is to complete the 4L Trophy, considered the largest humanitarian rally in Europe, with over 1,500 student teams participating each year. Each team upgrades and customizes their Renault 4 to take it on an extraordinary journey from France, through Spain, across the Strait of Gibraltar, and towards Marrakesh, then through the Sahara to a humanitarian camp where all teams deliver school, sports, medical, and computer supplies to remote communities in the Moroccan desert.

Helping Children in Need

The goal of HAN4L is not necessarily to win but to embrace this unique experience while simultaneously helping children in need. HAN4L is one of the most popular and recognizable teams in the trophy due to the incredible modifications and projects undertaken over the past five years. For HAN4L, this race is much more than just fixing up a car and racing through the dunes. Instead, the HAN4L team embarks on a journey that begins when a student joins the team in their second year of Automotive Engineering studies. During their first semester with HAN4L, the student faces the challenge of finding advanced solutions to their most difficult technical problems while also learning how to be a good team player. If the student performs well, they have the opportunity to join the team leadership. In their second team year, they have the chance to be selected as one of the 4L Trophy drivers, who deliver supplies all the way from Arnhem to the African desert. This is where all the hard work pays off. During a journey of a few weeks, the student gets to race with hundreds of other Renault 4Ls, with the ultimate goal of helping people in Morocco by donating much-needed supplies.

This is what HAN4L stands for: education, activism, and last but not least, a strong sense of adventure!