ACE Mobility Professional Program in full swing!

The current round of the ACE Mobility Professional Program is in full swing! A total of eight students are participating in the program for excellent automotive students who are attending a total of five training sessions on professional skills.

The students attended training at EDAG on quote preparation. The students were required to estimate the number of hours required and the associated costs for designing a TukTuk. The students learned what is involved in the quotation process before accepting the client order.  

In addition, the students attended training on LEAN Six Sigma at DAF Trucks. The students received an introduction about DAF Trucks, the PACCAR Production System and LEAN & Six Sigma within DAF. The students then got to work on a business case study about air conditioning maintenance. Applying the seven steps of LEAN was central to this, with the students designing a process with as little waste as possible.

In the coming months, the students will attend another training at NPS Driven on Influence Skills & Leadership, training Analysis Skills by ACE Mobility and the Presentation Skills training given by VDL Nedcar. ACE Mobility plans to offer the Professional Program to students again before spring 2024. If you are interested in providing training as a company? Please contact Niels Winter or Gentiana Tijssen