ACE Mobility Professional Program training: Analysis in Research

On Tuesday December 14, the Analysis in Research training was given as part of the ACE Mobility Professional Program. This time the training was provided by Kees Slingerland, director of ACE Mobility. The aim of the training was to get the students to think critically but above all logically about the research results from their thesis so that the analysis becomes sharper. We often notice that students find it very difficult in practice to draw the right conclusions from the research results of their thesis.

At the start of the training, the students were asked about the 3 most important outcomes of the results of the research, and they had to indicate how and why they arrived at these results. The group was then split into pairs, where they were given the opportunity to critically question each other in a 1-on-1 conversation.

This approach gave the students a better understanding of the results and made them aware of the importance of correctly interpreting the research results.

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This training was very useful and we received good tips and advice, not only from the trainer but also from each other!