ACE Mobility Professional Program training by Louwman Group

Last Friday, as part of the ACE Mobility Professional Program, the Presentation Skills training took place, provided by Lex van den Elsen, ambassador of the Louwman Group.

Unfortunately, we had to change the training to an online meeting at the last minute, but that did not affect the content and the effort during the training. It was an interactive meeting where important aspects of giving a good presentation such as preparation, opening, visualization, structure, performance and discussion were extensively discussed. Matters such as body language and making contact with the public were also discussed, something Lex conveyed excellently despite the online session.

Prior to the training each student had prepared their own presentation, during the training students had the opportunity to give feedback to each other. Lex gave the students a backpack filled with tips and tricks that they can use during their graduation session and in their future career.

The training was really fun and informative, Lex knew what he was talking about and even though it was online, it was very pleasant. Of course I knew in advance that Lex was going to assess us, but he did it in a way that didn't make me nervous. I was particularly curious about what tips he would have for me. Really great!