Career Day has never been so crowded

Students of the three Automotive HBO programs in the Netherlands are welcomed with open arms by the automotive industry. During their studies, companies already introduce students to their company. This is also the case with the Automotive Center of Expertise (ACE) Career Day that took place in Arnhem on October 10, 2019. More than 40 companies and more than 1000 automotive students from all over the country got to know each other. Career Day has never been so crowded as this year. The presentations of the companies and the lecture by Lightyear with their solar car were also well attended.
Watch the video report of the ACE Career Day 2019. Het Automeisje also made a vlog.

Students of different grades of the three Automotive courses, Hogeschool Arnhem/Nijmegen, Fontys Hogescholen and Hogeschool Rotterdam were given the opportunity to orientate themselves on the automotive sector and its specific career opportunities. The companies and organizations presented themselves to the students, the companies are looking for details for their internship and graduation opportunities and they provide an overview of their vacancies. A first-year student about the career day: “You see which technologies are important in the automotive sector. It is very diverse and therefore also very nice.”

Automotive professionals

Automotive professionals of the HBO programs are able to understand, interpret and create solutions in teams with other professionals in the field of transport concepts, sustainability and technology. The automotive industry is desperate for graduates of HBO automotive engineers who will further develop the automotive field, as witnessed by the many companies that attended the career day. The companies also challenge the students to come up with proposals and ideas for an internship or graduation assignment. That often results in a good match. At many companies, automotive students have become employees.