First digital workshops of the year by Hyster-Yale and EDAG Netherlands

Today, second-year automotive students from the University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem & Nijmegen participated in the first online workshops of this year. The workshops are offered by the automotive companies that have a partnership with ACE. The purpose of these workshops is to introduce second year automotive students of the HAN and Fontys to the practice and certain themes, by carrying out assignments in groups and proposing innovative solutions to the companies. In this way, students can apply the knowledge they have gained during their studies to a practical theme! A total of about 80 students participated in the workshops today.

Hyster-Yale did the kick-off in the morning and EDAG Netherlands closed the afternoon with an interesting workshop on the Lightweight theme. 

Hyster-Yale asked the students to think about a cost efficient system solution that would significantly improve the visibility of the operator of a Reachstacker. EDAG Netherlands challenged the students to develop a lightweight concept for a hybrid driver door.

The students presented several innovative and out of the box solutions. The interactivity of the workshops clearly showed that the content of the assignments was very much appreciated, and that contact with the business community is valuable within the education.

Next week the same workshops will take place for the second year automotive students from the Fontys Hogescholen.