Kick-off SLIM Automotive

On February 29th, the kick-off of the project SLIM Automotive took place at Metafas' location. The project partners Berenschot, VB-Airsuspension, and Metafas were present to collectively make a flying start. Metafas provided a beautiful inspiring environment in the field of Printed Electronics, where attendees exchanged their initial thoughts and experiences regarding Lifelong Learning.

The SLIM Automotive project is a further development of the Automotive Learning Community and gives an impulse to structural learning and development within a common ecosystem of SMEs in the Automotive industry. By fostering a new learning culture within the companies, it systematically addresses current and future innovative developments within the sector. The development of a generic learning needs scan for the ACE Mobility community is one of the key focuses of the project.

The project has a duration of two years and involves VB-Airsuspension, AE-Magnetics, Metafas, Trescal, Berenschot, and ACE Mobility.