Lean Six Sigma Training by DAF

On Monday, December 19 as part of the ACE Mobility Professional Program, the Lean Six Sigma training was given by Aafke Visser-van Boekel, Master Black Belt at DAF Trucks in Eindhoven. The purpose of this training was to give students more insight into the Lean Six Sigma methodology with a number of examples and various assignments where students learned how this methodology can be applied in the professional field.

Besides the theoretical part where the students learned about Design for Six Sigma, the 8 Forms of Waste and Gemba, they were presented with a case in the morning, with which they started working with the 7 Steps of Lean. The students mapped out the entire process of the case, after which they were able to make joint choices via a Fishbone diagram and thereby identified possible solutions. When they saw the solution that DAF Trucks had actually implemented, it turned out that the students were on the right track and had applied the right framework using the offered methodology and that they had picked up the right accents with alert observation.

It was an interesting training course full of information and interaction with themes that can later be applied in their own environments.

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