NGF proposal Material Independence & Circular Batteries approved

All 60 participants are very happy and proud to announce that the submitted National Growth Fund proposal 'Material Independence & Circular Batteries' has been approved. The committee granted the proposal with €296 mln in funding. The full evaluation of the committee, including the evaluation of the proposal, can be found here.
Thomas van Berkel (ACE Mobility) is project leader of the package Human Capital. Read the interview about the need of well-educated people for the battery sector with Thomas van Berkel and Richard Kerste from Brainport Development here.

Moniek Tromp, front woman of the Growth Fund proposal, underlines the importance of this approval: “The acceptance of our project is extremely important and will create significant opportunities for the Dutch industry. With our unique knowledge and competences on material science, high-tech systems and system integration, we can and should play a big role in the energy transition through battery technology and its related materials independence. This 8-year program allows the Netherlands to really strengthen its (inter)national position and enhance our impact, across the entire battery value chain.”  

The Battery Competence Cluster – NL has drawn up the proposal with more than 60 companies and knowledge institutions. To make the Netherlands less dependent on scarce and critical raw materials for batteries and to capitalize on opportunities in the battery industry. The program focuses on sustainable and circular batteries, which are important for the mobility sector and for energy storage of sustainably generated energy. The latter should ensure stabilization of the electricity network.