RDW kicks off with ACE Mobility Professional Program training

On Thursday, October 28, a select group of graduating students participated in a training course of RDW as part of the ACE Mobility Professional Program. This training was provided by Marc de Bruin, senior consultant. Besides registration and approval, RDW is also responsible for type approvals and vehicle exemptions. Students were challenged during this training on the awareness of the responsibility RDW has in approving autonomous driving vehicles and the dilemmas we will face in the future.

Through practical examples with NVIDIA hardware, we interactively discussed what, for example, a Tesla sees and especially what it does not. There are limits to the neural networks. It is very important for RDW to obtain the necessary information, through its own research, to guarantee the safety of approvals. This information is not yet available from the industry because of understandable competitive interests. 

RDW sometimes investigates accidents in the context of market supervision: after all, RDW's motto is 'Everyone safe and secure on the road'. Software updates are of great importance for recognition of objects, lines, traffic signs and traffic lights. Information about the software is difficult to obtain for consumers and RDW. As a result, at some point a vehicle becomes obsolete due to non-functioning software rather than wear and tear or rust. 

The training gave students a broader and deeper understanding of a subject that they will almost certainly need to consider as future Engineers. 

"A clear and interactive presentation by Marc de Bruin. He amazed me with the work that the RDW all takes on. It is much more than just a type approval company. In fact; it seems to be just an important side business for them. Highly recommended!"

Boaz van der Hart student University of Applied Sciences Arnhem & Nijmegen