Creative start hybrid teacher at Hogeschool Rotterdam

On March 24th, Geert Crijns (Altran Engineering) has started as a hybrid teacher to give several training classes in the field of D-FMEA awareness, for the 2nd year automotive students of the Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Because physical education cannot take place during this Corona-virus time, John Janssen, teacher at Hogeschool Rotterdam, has made it possible to offer students a livestream version of the training of hybrid teacher Geert Crijns. This shows once again that universities can quickly switch to digitizing education in a creative way!

After an introduction of John Janssen, Geert Crijns started his training and gave a presentation and explanation about D-FMEA. FMEA (Failure Mode & Effect Analysis) is an engineering tool used in product development. The goal of the training is not to find a solution, but to think about: What could go wrong during the product life cycle? The goal is to detect and prevent potential undesirable situations in the purpose of increasing the customer satisfaction (better product quality) and product liability. The students carried out two assignments in groups to be able to apply this process later on in practice.

The students experienced the training as very interesting and educational.
Student: “We would like to mention that we did think this lesson was very interesting. The speaker taught us a lot about FMEA in a relatively short time, so that is positive!”.

Photo by John Janssen