First 'hybrid teacher' at Fontys

During the Kick-off of the student team of Fontys Eindhoven that will participate in the Shell Eco Marathon, also the first hybrid teacher of the ACE partners has been introduced. Hans Beumer, chief designer at EDAG Netherlands B.V. will, besides his job, be available for 300 hours to share his expertise of the automotive business with the students. From the point of view of ACE, we want to strengthen the connection between education and the practice of the automotive sector. To Hans Beumer that is his most important motivation for his role as a hybrid teacher. “Nowadays students work a lot behind their computer screen, and the fysical contact with the real automotive practical world has been so much deminished. Today a lot is done via the internet. So students have no clear view of how business is running in the companies. That is my mission: 'Educational programs have to be more interweaved with the business.'."

According to ACE this is the essential role of the hybrid teacher. This teacher wil not be part of the curriculum or the planned lessons schedules. “In fact I am a kind of a teacher that as a guest brings in his expertise and knowledge. Apart from teaching students, I have some projects running. It is important to have a good cooperation to do both."

“I am already working in the automotive sector sinds 1977 and I have seen and learned so much. I am happy to be able to share my knowledge with the students who will be part of the automotive business the coming years.", says Hans Beumer.