Winner ACE Student Award 2021 redeems prize

Last year on July 6, 2021, Umang Tulsi, student of the HAN University of Applied Sciences, took part in the ACE Student Award 2021. With his graduation research at Bosch Transmission Technology BV, Umang won the grand prize; 2 tickets to GP in Europe of choice.

On July 10, 2022, Umang visited the Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. We asked Umang about his experience.

The trip was extraordinary for me, especially since it was my first-time visiting Austria. My friend and I stayed in a pretty comfortable hotel in the city of Vienna for 3 days. We arrived in the afternoon and spent the rest of our first day exploring the beautiful and crowded city centre of Vienna. On the second day, we went around to see some monumental places such as Schönbrunn Palace, Rathaus, Karlsplatz and enjoyed the serene view of the entire city of Vienna from the mountain of Kahlenburg. We also tried the traditional Viennese Coffee and chocolate cake called ‘Sachertorte’. On the third day, we finally went for the event we were looking forward to the most – the 2022 Austrian GP at the Red Bull Ring. We caught a train in the morning from Vienna to Knittelfeld, where the free shuttle buses took us to the venue. It was a very unique moment in F1 history because of the combination of 3 things:

  • The race was occurring at the home ground of the leading team – Red Bull Racing.
  • The loyal fans of Max Verstappen who are known to travel around the world to see him race were present in majority.
  • Max Verstappen was also leading the championship.

Although, I wanted Max Verstappen to win, it was still a breath-taking race. The atmosphere, location, pre-race events and the race itself made me really appreciate winning the ACE Award 2021, without which, none of this would have come true.

Having finished my first year of Master in Automotive Systems at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, I am delighted to say that this was the perfect summer break and an experience that I will cherish forever. I now look forward to starting my Master Thesis and graduating soon!”

We are happy to hear that Umang enjoyed his well deserved trip and wish him the best of luck with his master's thesis!