Working visit by HAN and Ebusco establish Associate Partnership with ACE Mobility

Monday morning, January 31, was entirely devoted to the working visit of Gerrit Averesch, Director of the HAN Engineering & Automotive Academy, and Rob Verhofstad, Chairman of the HAN Executive Board, to ACE Mobility on the Automotive Campus in Helmond. During this work visit the emphasis was on the added value that ACE Mobility offers as a Center of Expertise in the field of innovation, educational renewal and the connection between business and education. The work visit ended with the signing of the contract for the Associate Partnership between Ebusco and ACE Mobility.


Working Visit HAN
The program kicked off with a short introduction of the ACE Team where they discussed where ACE Mobility currently stands and where the focus will lie in the future. Besides the presentation of Niels Winter in which he shared his experiences as a student up to his job at ACE Mobility, the partner network, the pre-master, the research projects and the ACE Mobility Professional Program were discussed in detail. Subsequently, Gerrit Averesch and Rob Verhofstad were taken by Lex Boon, Managing Director Automotive Campus, in his story about the history of the Automotive Campus and how the Automotive Campus contributes to innovative knowledge sharing and collaboration between knowledge institutes, start-ups and educational institutions within the automotive industry. During the visit to Capgemini Engineering, Jeroen van der Werf, Project Manager IMIAT, introduced the IMIAT research project and concluded with a tour of the working place where 2gether autonomous vehicles are built.

Partnership Ebusco
Besides the fact that the working visit was mainly intended to get to know ACE Mobility and its activities,the visit ended with a special occasion when Tjaard Sijpkes, CTO of Ebusco and Kees Slingerland, Director of ACE Mobility signed the Associate Partner contract between ACE Mobility and Ebusco. signed. Ebusco will join the selection of automotive companies that have entered into a partnership with ACE Mobility. Ebusco is no stranger to ACE, as a project partner they have been involved in the TALCOM project for years. In addition, they have been taking part in the ACE Automotive Career Day for several years now. We are very proud of Ebusco's formal affiliation with the ACE community.

Ebusco focuses on the development, production and marketing of 100% electric city and intercity buses and associated ecosystem. The aim is to contribute to a better and healthier living environment by making sustainable and emission-free transport of people the standard. Ebusco is originally a Dutch company with its head office in Deurne. There are currently more than 350 Ebusco buses in 7 countries across Europe, including in major cities such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Munich. Together they work on clean cities.