Purpose of the working group: Sustainable academy and community building around electrification.

The starting point is the development of a roadmap that follows industry developments. The group is working on offerings of learning modules, at the same time the goal is to retrieve the knowledge of electrification topics.
Project leader: ir. Desireé Seo, d.seo@fontys.nl


Fontys Hogescholen, Advanced Electromagnetics Group, Hogeschool Rotterdam, VDL Bus & Coach, HAN, Sensata, Summa College, Bender Benelux, Trescal, RAI Association, Autoniveau, Bender Benelux.

Available in the ACE Academy

Knowledge from the Electrification Working Group will be available through the ACE Academy. Currently available is (only in Dutch): 

Energieopslag in Elektrische voertuigen

Bewustwording brandveiligheid bij elektrische voertuigen


Working group activities

  • Technical content of electrification by means of surveys/interview
  • Determine main topics for electrification (based on innovations and needs within the working group)
  • Survey/interview
  • Requirements of the demonstrator and the demonstrator itself
  • Introduction module preceded by a pilot
  • Evaluation and improvement of introduction module
  • Elaboration of other necessary modules as a result of survey/interview


The current step is to find a demonstratable set of the systems in an electric vehicle, on which measurements can be made in a safe way. This demonstrator will help the working group in the further development of modules, deployment in the introduction module and thus contribute to TALCOM. 

In addition, this vehicle will also be a suitable teaching tool for the lower grades of the Automotive program at Fontys. This can be deployed in the short term at various locations. 

Deployment of the demonstrator:

  • A TALCOM practical module complementary to the introductory electrification module.
  • The vehicle is necessary to fill in the practice at follow-up modules, at MBO and the beginning of HBO level (mainly for retraining mechanics, employees who are new to electric vehicles). The demonstrator is especially practical for (smaller) companies that do not have their own electric vehicles or components. All topics of an electric vehicle can be covered: among others engine, inverter, battery, charging system, 12V systems (light, heating, etc.) and safety.
  • As a crash course in safety for student teams, working with electric vehicles
  • For TALCOM partners, safety can be introduced to new work environments.
  • The demonstrator becomes part of the curriculum of the Bachelor's Automotive program.

Benefits of the demonstrator:

  • It is a safe way to demonstrate components;
  • Cohesion and cooperation of components and systems becomes visible;
  • Physical insight into the components of an electric vehicle;
  • Safe measuring of an electric vehicle is possible;
  • Learning how to work safely with electric vehicles;
  • Experiencing and measuring common faults and errors.