Propose reliable and secure pathway for the implementation of battery passport

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Type vacancy
Graduation assignment
Hogeschool van Arnhem & Nijmegen
Education field
Automotive Engineering

Automotive Internship Project Description:

Industry and mobility is advancing towards electrification, so is the requirement to make this transition sustainable. A structure to achieve sustainable battery lifecycle is adopted by EU Council which has to be implemented in the near future. It includes a digital record system to enable transfer and tracing of key information between the parties (also referred to as battery passport). Before this can be implemented, a clear overview is required to understand the elements of traceability, chain of custody and data sharing requirements. At the same time, ensuring the regulation needs to be followed at each step.

Objective: Define regulatory requirements for the implementation of battery passport.

Automotive Internship Activities:
- Categorize batteries and stages of ‘battery life cycle’ as per battery passport requirements
- Sustainability and safety requirements
- Define chain of command or involved parties (producer, distributor, authority, service & Repairer etc.)
- List of information accessed and shared by each involved party.
- Perform research to define the pre-requisites, regulatory compliances required to be followed by all the involved parties
- Regulatory compliance for ‘digital battery passport’
- Propose external parties who are capable of carrying out the implementation of digital battery passport.

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