Annual Report 2021

The automotive industry continues to be a very challenging environment. At the present time forms of mobility are required that are climate-proof, smart, comfortable and safe. This leads to interesting questions on technical applications, making use of the latest insights in ICT, in energy, in materials and above all: people who are able to develop and to implement such innovations.
ACE Mobility is undertaking many initiatives to make this happen. Our R&D program is focused on the content of technological issues, always in partnership with the rich possibilities that our partner community offers: research institutes, educational organizations, industries and government authorities. At the same time, we have to take into account that it is not just technical know-how that is necessary to reach for the future: the human factor is also vitally important. There is a need for more professionals who are interested in starting a career in the automotive industry. ACE Mobility has taken the initiative to gain more insight into successful strategies to get more people engaged in our industry. And we will continue to flesh out such strategies in concrete initiatives, such as for instance the automotive learning community.
The 2021 annual report shows what we have done. We have been very active in the past year. However, being active is not enough; making impact is what really counts. In the 2021 annual report you will read how we have created impact. We, the ACE community, are creating the future of mobility.