Hydrogen has a significant role in the global energy transition for the automotive and mobility industry. Within the automotive learning community, hydrogen is one of the key topics. The development in the field of hydrogen demands new knowledge from employees, students, and the creation of new educational programs. In collaboration with educational institutions, research organizations, and industry partners, ACE Mobility is involved in projects, initiatives, and educational developments related to this collaboration. For more information or if you are interested in participating in any of the projects, please contact Niels Winter, Account Manager at ACE Mobility, or Thomas van Berkel, Program Manager for Human Capital. 

Green SkHy: H2-skills Europe  
The aim of this project is to promote the development of the clean hydrogen sector by removing barriers to European recognition of skills and related systems and by fostering careers that can contribute to the energy transition through new practical training programs. This endeavor involves networking actors responsible for skills and certifications, developing and testing specific training and acculturation modules, and conducting campaigns to promote the hydrogen sector and its potential. By bringing together businesses, governments, and key stakeholders in education for students and workers within the consortium, the project aims to support the development of a pivotal sector in the energy transition by engaging a broad audience. 

ACE Mobility Hydrogen Test Facility 
The "Hydrogen Test Facility" project aims to jointly prepare and establish a professional experimentation and testing center that aligns with the energy and mobility-related activities of the open innovation lab Connectr at the Kleefse Waard Industrial Park (IPKW) in Arnhem. The center will provide state-of-the-art analysis and testing equipment, workshops, and offer practical knowledge as open-source resources to businesses. The ACE Hydrogen Test Facility represents the realization of an independent experimentation and testing center for FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) technology and associated hydrogen storage and refueling technology. Innovative (SME) companies will use it as a shared facility for application-oriented experiments and full-scale testing of components, systems, and vehicles. This includes practical tests necessary for the large-scale, safe, and reliable implementation of green hydrogen and clean (Zero Emission) FCEV technology in road transportation. For more information, please visithttps://www.acemobility.nl/en/automotive-research/hydrogen-lab  

In collaboration with the Automotive Research department, HAN SEE, and TALCOM, the H2-demonstrator has been developed. The H2-demonstrator is a combination of an electric Fiat Doblò with a trailer attached to it. The trailer functions as a mobile power generator powered by hydrogen. The H2-demonstrator serves as a demonstration vehicle that can be used for various hydrogen-related courses. It has been primarily designed for companies in the industry looking to venture into hydrogen and wanting to introduce their employees to hydrogen technology. Additionally, workshops are used to educate policymakers so that they gain knowledge about the functioning and possibilities of hydrogen. The hydrogen workshop modules will be integrated into vocational education (MBO), higher education (HBO), and postgraduate programs. HAN already offers some hydrogen-related courses within their master's and HBO-post programs, where the workshop modules will be incorporated. Furthermore, the workshop modules covering general operations, safety, and control will be made available on the Challenge Based Learning Community Platform.https://www.han.nl/nieuws/2021/11/de-H2-demonstrator-leert-je-meer-over-waterstoftechniek/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc7iB3VWCNk  

Student team HAN Hydromotive  

Student team HAN Hydromotive  
HAN Hydromotive is a Dutch student team that builds the car of the future. The team has developed a hydrogen-powered car that competes annually against the top European student teams in competitions such as the Shell Eco-Marathon, where they achieved an impressive second place in 2023. Student teams like HAN Hydromotive serve as examples within the Automotive Learning Community, allowing the introduction and education of new topics like hydrogen to students through close collaboration with educational institutions and the industry. https://www.hydromotive.nl/en/our-racehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNF0C7eYPYA 

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