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Within the automotive market hydrogen is seen as the missing link for, amongst other things, the electrification of heavy and intensive transport. AutomotiveNL (ANL) and the Automotive Center of Expertise (ACE Mobility) are therefore focusing on the further development and application of hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) technology. With a view to commercialization, there is a lack of an accessible experimentation and testing center with a focus on Automotive Mobility for companies. Several Dutch automotive business partners of AutomotiveNL are producing, researching or working on the development of hydrogen FCEV transport vehicles. On their behalf and together with knowledge partner ACE Mobility, this project plan is submitted for the DKTI transport experimental development.

Goal of the project  

The project 'setting up business oriented ACE Hydrogen Test Facility' aims at the joint preparation and set-up of a professional experiment and test center that fits perfectly with the energy and mobility related activities of the open innovation lab Connectr at IPKW (IndustriePark Kleefse Waard) in Arnhem. The center will offer 'state of the art' analysis and test equipment, workshops and also as 'open source' practical knowledge to the business community. The ACE Hydrogen Test Facility is the realization of an independent experimentation and test center for FCEV vehicle technology and related hydrogen storage and refueling technology where innovative (SME) companies can use as a shared facility for application-oriented experiments and full-scale tests of components, systems and vehicles. In other words, practical tests that are necessary for the large-scale, safe and reliable implementation of the combination of green hydrogen and clean (Zero Emission) FCEV technology in road transport.

Short description of the ACE Hydrogen Test facility's activities 

In the preparation phase of the project, stakeholders and users are identified to map their common needs for functionally overlapping field tests. Specifically, it will be investigated how and with what and who these experiments and tests can be realised at IPKW. It is also being prepared where this function fits best in Connectr and what is required for this. In addition to the functional set-up, it is important for reasons of authority, confidentiality and safety (including ATEX, ARBO and FFS approval) that this can be realised in a separate professionally equipped room of sufficient height with access for heavy hydrogen FCEV vehicles. 

Our partners

ACE collaborates closely with industry on developing relevant expertise and talent development. These are our partners.

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