Develop battery cell model

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Type vacancy
Graduation assignment
ACE Mobility
Arnhem & Helmond
Education field
Automotive Engineering, Engineering (general), Electrical Engineering
Electrification, Electronics and Control, Monitoring, Powertrain, Testing, Software

Short description assignment

Heavy mobile vehicles not only require energy for forward/driving movements but also transient and high-frequency peak power due to moving heavy objects, such as shipping containers. The availability of these machines during the run shifts is high priority for the companies. To fulfil this requirement, the downtime of the machine should be minimized. For reducing the downtime of the machine, a maintenance prediction model for the battery of an electric driveline needs to be investigated. This is a first step towards the battery prediction model. In this project, we start with developing a battery cell model for various temperature and C-rates. Static capacity and dynamic capacity tests are currently performed on the battery cell. The data from these tests can be made available to develop a cell model.

Description company

The HAN Automotive Research Center always conducts research in collaboration with leading companies and research institutes. And with input from our researchers, lecturers and students. The center is a leading local and international partner for automotive research. Our Model Based Design of systems and vehicle structures focuses on green and intelligent mobility. We own or develop technologies using prototyping, modeling, testing, monitoring and business management. Regarding this project there is a connection with ACE mobility, they are responsible for the work package management.

ACE mobility is the collaborative network between automotive education programs in the Netherlands and the automotive sector. ACE's goal is to keep the automotive sector strong, agile, and future-proof. At ACE, the daily professional practice, education, and automotive research converge. ACE serves as the central hub for automotive education, training, and research at the higher professional education level. ACE has an office at the Automotive Campus in Helmond.

Description department

EFRO Project Zero Emission Heavy Duty Mobile Equipment

What are you going to do

  • explanation assignment and/or activities
    • Develop battery cell model using the experimental data obtained by testing battery cell at various temperatures and C-rates.
    • Student might have to filter the data before using it for modelling.
  • Responsibilities
    • Literature study to understand various battery cell models and determine its parameters.
    • Understand the significance of battery capacity tests.
    • Perform parameter estimation for the battery cell model using the experimental data.
    • Simulate and analyse the results.
    • Verify/Validate the results using literature and/or real-data.
  •  Hours per week
    • 40

What do you bring

  • Benodigde competenties, kwaliteiten en skills / Necessary competences, qualities and skills
    •  Knowledge of the battery
    • Ability to analyse system and results
    • Experience with Matlab-Simulink software
    • Fluency in English language

What do we offer:

  •  Salary
    • market-conform
  • Guidance on assignment
    • Aishwarya Aswal and Stefan Kraaijvanger(ACE)



Aishwarya Aswal <

Stefan Kraaijvanger <



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