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Manufacturing in the car industry:

Three well-known automotive manufacturers will delve into the most important topics and opportunities for automotive engineers of automotive manufacturing. The experts will discuss the transformative trends reshaping automotive manufacturing, such as quality management, LEAN, manufacturing electric vehicles, Industry 4.0 et cetera.

The impact of Electric driving on the automotive industry:

Join us for an electrifying panel discussion where automotive companies in electric driving will share insights on the transformative potential of electric vehicles (EVs) in the automotive and mobility industry. Discover the impact on new business models, strategic implications, market opportunities, and sustainability aspects of EV adoption, and gain valuable perspectives on the role of electric driving within the automotive industry.


The development of car battery technology is more important than ever before. Engage during this session in an interesting discussion with three companies about the current state of the art technologies, battery design, performance optimization, safety and lots of other interesting topics related to battery development. Join the session and get to know how you can make a positive change towards a sustainable automotive future!

The future of hydrogen

Will hydrogen be the future for the automotive industry and what kind of contribution can an automotive engineer make in this? Explore the potential of hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen combustion engines, their applications in vehicles, and the challenges and opportunities they present. Join industry experts in this conversation and embark on a journey to shape the automotive landscape of tomorrow through the power of hydrogen.

The importance of Business Management in the automotive sector:

Business management for the automotive industry involves overseeing various aspects of the automotive business, such as manufacturing, supply chain management, sales, marketing, finance, research and development, and customer service, to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization and its success in a highly competitive market. During this session, three companies will discuss the importance of these topics related to business management and the possibilities for future automotive managers at their organizations.

Smart Mobility: IT in the automotive industry:

Explore the latest advancements in cooperative & connected vehicles, data-driven solutions and self-driving technologies and how they may can revolutionize the future of the automotive industry. Engage with three industry experts as they share insights and experiences in the impact of Smart Mobility solutions on their organization and the opportunities they offer for automotive engineers.

Vehicle Dynamics:

This session understanding the complex interactions between the vehicle's suspension, tires, and other components to optimize handling, stability, and overall performance of vehicles. Together with experts from the industry, you will learn what vehicle dynamics means and how important it is for the current automotive industry.