Annual Report 2023

We are proud to present ACE Mobility's annual report 2023 which is focused on the collaboration and connection within the automotive and mobility ecosystem.  

This year's annual report is inspired by the fascinating bee ecosystem: In the world of bees, we see a wonderful example of how collaboration and building sustainable networks are essential to form a powerful community, just like a honeycomb, that can make a great impact.

Just as bees contribute to the pollination of flowers and plants, we believe our network plays an important role in spreading ideas, sharing knowledge and stimulating innovation. By joining forces, we can find solutions to complex issues and bring a positive change within our automotive and mobility industry.

We would like to thank the Universities of Applied Sciences Fontys and HAN, and of course our valuable ACE Mobility partners, for contributing to the success of our network. Together we look forward to a future full of growth, flourishing and cooperation.