Test and develop battery cell model

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Type vacature
Graduation assignment
Hogeschool van Arnhem & Nijmegen
Automotive Engineering

Automotive Internship Project Description:

Heavy mobile vehicles not only require energy for forward/driving movements but also transient and high-frequency peak power due to moving heavy objects, such as shipping containers. The availability of these machines during the run shifts is high priority for the companies. To fulfil this requirement, the downtime of the machine should be minimized. For reducing the downtime of the machine, a maintenance prediction model for a electric driveline needs to be investigated. This project is a first step towards the prediction model.

Objective: Develop battery cell model using the experimental data obtained by testing battery cell at various temperatures and C-rates.

Preparing a test plan and test set-up is a part of the project.

Automotive Internship Activities:

  • Literature study to understand various battery cell models and type of test to determine its parameters.
  • Set up and perform test on a battery cell.

  • Prepare test plan.

  • Perform parameter estimation for the battery cell model using the experimental data.

  • Simulate and analyse the results.

  • Verify/Validate the results using literature and real-data.

Automotive Internship Qualifications:

  • Appropriate level of knowledge of the battery
  • Motivated to work with hardware
  • Ability to analyse system and results
  • Experience with Matlab-Simulink software
  • Fluency in English language


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